VIDEOS: Some Movies To Watch This Valentine (Trailers)

Watching movies isn’t the ideal valentine activity, but it can be a staple. Relax with your significant other and check out this new movies to watch…

1. Zoolander 2.  The long awaited follow up to the 2001 movie is finally here. Celebrities are being murdered, but they all post one last picture of the iconic “Blue Steel” look to social media before they die. Models Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) are the only ones who can help Interpol figure out who is behind the slaughters in this PG-13 flick.

2. How to be Single. The perfect choice for a group of single friends, “How To Be Single” depicts the rebellious Robin (Rebel Wilson) showing the recently dumped Alice (Dakota Johnson) how to live it up without a man in her life. This comedy is rated R.

3. Cabin Fever. If blood and guts is more your style, try this horror flick. “Cabin Fever” follows five college friends as they stay at a cabin and have to deal with a flesh-eating virus in this remake of the 2002 film by the same name. Gage Golightly and Matthew Daddario star.

4. Deadpool.  If you just can’t decided between violence and comedy, “Deadpool” has all your bases covered. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) gets superpowers while trying to fight his terminal cancer. He quickly has to put those powers to use when his love Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) is in danger. It’s the first Marvel superhero movie that’s been rated R, and a sequel is already on the way.

Make your choice and enjoy the Valentine…

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