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How long must we all suffer in silence. The system is so corrupt and the government care less about the people. Everyday I look at this and hope someone will rise up and speak for us. I pray daily for God to send someone to stand and speak for the oppressed in my country, but until now, none is standing up. We have people with voice, but non of them care enough to risk their comfort for the betterment of the life of others.

I remember when 2face Idibia raised my hopes by standing up and speaking against the inhumanity and poverty in the country as a result of bad leadership. But little did I know that he will chicken out in the very face of opposition.

I guess fear creeps in. Fear of going against the statuesque and maybe losing the comfort of wealth.

Our current celebrities are jokers. They are so much about money and only want to protect the little comfort they have acquired, they DON’T CARE!.

So tell me, who will fight for the voiceless, for the millions living in abject poverty, not because they don’t want to work, but because there are no jobs and the very wealth of the nation is being squandered and held by a few.

I tell you, if we don’t stand up and challenge the system, nothing will change. Well i know you DONT CARE, as long you can provide for you and your family.

This epistle for those that cares.

Are you all not tired yet?

It is funny when i hear young folks cry out about the country and their only solution is to get a visa and migrate. How selfish can that be? You run away, i run away, we go abroad and we become second class citizens.

What about your families? What about others you left behind?

When ever you come back to this country, you will still meet things as they were and maybe even worse.

Stop expecting God to do anything, he needs you and I to stand up and challenge the system and even if we do not live to experience the outcome of our struggles, but surely our kids and generations to come will.

Nigeria can be better. It can still work. We are just unfortunate to have wicked men in power. They see the poverty, they see the pain, but they are more concerned about how much they can steal and store for themselves.

I tell you today, our government DONT CARE! 

This country is really sinking. I tell you, if we all do nothing, we will be worst than the combination of Zimbabwe, Somalia and Haiti in a few years time.

We need to stand up. We need a voice. We can.. Enough is enough #ourmumudondo

Written By: Sam Peters

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