Daddy Freeze challenge Adeboye to a debate, offers  to teach him “the real truth about Christ for free!”

Controversial OAP Daddy Freeze has invited RCCG leader Pastor Enoch Adeboye for a debate following an RCCG banner that went viral online.

Freeze who is known for his teachings on tithe payment wrote;

“And they say pastors don’t hold guns to member’s head, please can someone explain what is RCCG doing in this picture?

“Tithe is a false doctrine for Christianity, I have proven this scripturally several times! Christ never collected tithes, neither did his disciples!

“I have challenged their GO Enoch, to a debate on several times to no avail. If he doesn’t want a debate, we can sit over a beer and discuss these scriptures and I can offer to teach him the real truth about Christ for free!”

“He has made it obvious that paying tithes in churches doesn’t sit well with him. He has also urged his followers not to pay tithe but rather take it to the less privileged homes.”

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