Female Fan Removes Her Top To Hug Tuface On Stage, Watch Annie Idibia’s Reaction

A viral video has emerged showing moments when popular singer Tuface Idibia was performing on stage, and suddenly a female fan climbs up to him, gives him a huge hug and removes her blouse, revealing her bra, and makes more daring attempt…

See Annie Idibia’s reaction

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Meanwhile, Annie Idibia has stirred the internet after a new video surfaced in which she declared that she is not a feminist.

“Nah, not really. I believe in women power. I believe men are still kings and women are queen,” said the actress, adding, “personally, I’m sorry I’m not trying to [insult?] anybody here but I don’t believe a woman is a king. I believe she is a queen.”

The video has riled the internet, with many critics noting that the actress obviously has no idea what feminism is about.

See some of sample reaction below:

Bruce Bateman Esq@your_stepdad

There’s nothing remotely “feminist” about Annie Idibia, if anything she’s the perfect model of “African woman & wife”. Seems strange that you’d ask her if she’s one.

That’s like the Pope asking James Bond what is take is on abstinence and joining the monastery.


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However, some fans have taken to the platform to defend Idibia, noting how she continues to support businesswomen.


Annie Idibia organized aircare to give over a 100 women start up capital/gift donations last week but “she is not supporting women” because she said she is not a feminist?


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See the video that started all the drama below:

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