Hushpuppi meets with Atiku, shades Omoyele Sowore (Video)

Dubai based Nigerian big boy Hushpuppi has shared a picture he took with PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

In the accompanied post he shared on social media, Hushpuppi stated that a youth like Omoyele Sowore, who’s contesting in next month’s presidential election, can’t take power in 2019 because he lacks the needed resources.

Throwing his weight behind Atiku, Hushpuppi wrote:

“A lot of people has hit me up in the past few days with messages like hushpuppi why are you using your platform to promote and ask us to vote for atiku instead of other candidates from the younger generation and I haven’t been able to reply to everybody one by one but here it is which I want u all to read and understand before you respond and not just ignorantly type nonsense like you all do which is why you always fail your own selves most of the time cos you lack the ability to digest information, process it before responding.

First I will like you all to not forget that our so called perfect young candidate (sowore) was the one who made us vote in Buhari who’s only achievement in the past years is to use power to oppress the media and anyone who criticizes his government which opposes what democracy stands for. As much as I like Nigeria to be in the hands of the younger generation, we have to understand Sowere or any other youth doesn’t have the “resources” to take power this 2019, politics in nigeria requires billions of cash, our politics don’t work based on the truth at all.

We have to realize we have only two eligible candidates standing tall above others with the backings of who is who in the country. Between this two people it will only be wise we vote someone who u can see in the video above how he is accessible and welcoming to the youths, someone open minded unlike the other closed minded candidate sitting in power now who’s corruption fighting program is yet to arrest the likes of Kano governor, Adams oshiomole and so many other corrupt people in his circle.

Clearly don’t be surprised if they declare me an enemy of the state for being open and truthful but one thing I won’t do is be silent and let our people give suffering a second chance, 4 years of suffering is enough let’s change hands. Let not accept 500 naira today to sell our vote and suffer 4 years, vote wisely today and enjoy for four years. Make up your mind today fellow Nigerians if not we are all dead if we give them a second chance, remember if they get a second chance they know it’s the last so they will make us suffer more than we are suffering now that they are even trying to get vote”

Watch the video below;

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