Women Caught Using Her Baby To Shield Her Artificial Weave From The Rain (Video)

A social media user has shared a video of a woman using her toddler as a shield in the rain and it has left Twitter users speechless.

Many people are completely taken aback by the action of the woman while some have simply vented out their rage.

Most ladies know how important it is to maintain a beautiful hairstyle. Making this happen is tantamout to one thing – the rain will never be their friend.

However, this particular woman took looking after her hair to an entirely new, extreme level when she used her own growing child as an umbrella to shield her weave from the rain.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, social media user @LevisLaKing posted the shocking footage on the platform. The tweep also used a very empathetic caption.

He wrote: “Lord your daughters are protecting their weaves from the rain with their children.” the poster wrote

Social media users have attacked the unidentified woman for the unbelievable act.

Watch video below.

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