Man beaten to death by villagers after chasing kids who broke his windscreen then accused him of being a kidnapper (photos/video)

A man has been beaten to death by members of a community after some children wrongly accused him of being a kidnapper in Anambra state.

According to online reports, the man was driving past a village when children from the village threw stones at his car and shattered the windshield.

He chased the kids as they tried running away and he caught one of them. But the other kids ran into their community and claimed the man was a kidnapper who was chasing them to abduct them.

Without hearing his side of the story, the villagers stripped him of his trousers and underwear and beat him to within an inch of his life. They attempted to set him on fire but the police intervened and took him to the hospital.

Emergency surgery was performed on him but he died hours later.

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Jungle Justice Has To Stop
He was passing by a village and as he was going ,two children broke his windscreen with stone, he stopped and started chasing the children so he caught one but others ran into the village shouting kidnappers so the villagers came and started
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