Bobrisky boldly outs Toyin Lawani and drags her kids into it

Recently, Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky has been throwing shades at his former friend turned rival, Toyin Lawani, but even more recently, he called her out directly and this time, dragged her kids into it.

Bobrisky earlier subtly shaded Toyin as she celebrated her birthday last week – in his shade, he called the fashion influencer broke and said she was asking for donations to celebrate.

Then, Bobrisky decided to go for the jugular by involving her kids, Tiannah and Tenor, in their beef – Bobrisky did this while calling out one of Toyin Lawani’s models who called him out for disrespecting the serial entrepreneur.

The model, Johntel Peters aka Official Black Barbie, said Bobrisky was thrown out of Toyin Lawani’s company with security guards – he also stated that Bobrisky’s horrible body odour was affecting Toyin’s clothes.

He went on to reveal that Toyin Lawani was trying to help Bobrisky’s life and was even feeding him.

In reaction, Bobrisky outed, not only the young man, but also his boss.

Sharing a photo of the young man, Bobrisky wrote,

Bobrisky boldly outs Toyin Lawani

See how ugly he look here. Tell your mother toyin lawanni to come for me. You are freaking too small for trust me.

Since your mother want another episode of dis fight am ready for dis. Do I have to blame dis dirty looking rat?

Since toyin now wear you wigs and gowns y won’t you open your dirty mouth to tell me she made me. Toyin Lawanni can never wear wig or cloth on her son but she feel comfortable wearing it on other people sons which is not my business .

Like I said earlier I don’t have issues with you I have fight with your mother with different babies from different father !!!!!

Rubbish if your mother wasn’t broke wat took her all the months to refund my money. You all must be crazy.

In another post, Bobrisky wrote,

Just imagine !!!! Dis over dried body like Fulani sugar cane.

I don’t have business with you. I have issues with your mother aka TOYIN LAWANNI.

Did your mother told you her story at all? I think you need to go and sit her down to tell you more about her own miserable life before lecturing you with others.

Incase she is going to Abuja again dis time around have kept enough evidence against her. To make it easier let me tag @nigeriapoliceforce to see dis. you don’t start a battle with who you cannot handle!

The last time your mother went to the police she was told no case. Because all her lies on me nothing was traceable. You all think is easy to forgive those expensive lies . Now she is sending dis dry body like k leg ? to me. Come for me I will come for your mother !!!!!

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