Daddy Freeze slams follower who called him a “she pig”

A follower called out Popular OAP, Daddy Freeze and referred to him as a “she pig” and Freeze was not having none of that as he went in on him.

The follower, who didn’t agree with Freeze’s opinion, insulted him and Daddy Freeze paid him back in his own coin.

The follower wrote ;
Daddy Freeze, you are the most jobless person i even know. You just poke around like some she-pig.

Daddy Freeze replied ;

There’s no such thing as a she pig, it is a ‘gilt’ or ‘sow’, if you spent time you are using to attack me studying, perhaps you won’t be the custodian of such gross ignorance.

You don’t know me, so how can i be the most jobless person you know ? Confused, Penury infested dingbat


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