Cubana Chief Priest reacts after Hushpuppi shares proof that shows he really bought a Rolls Royce; says the receipts is for Mompha’s Rolls Royce

Hushpuppi finally shares proof to show that he truly purchased the Rolls-Royce Wraith BLACK BADGE he is flaunting on social media.

He posted the Rolls-Royce 2 keys and revealed that the car is specially customised for him and has his name “Ray Hushpuppi” encrusted on it.

However, popular big boy and his archenemy “Cubana Chief Priest” is saying that “Car Name Customization” does not mean anything that Hushpuppi rushed and did the car customization over night. He also said that Hushpuppi should post a US receipt and not car customization.

Cubana Chief Priest even went on to Post Mompha’s Rolls Royce receipt that shows it costs 1.4M dirham (US$397k) a whopping N144 million.

See his post below;

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