Singer Simi tackles Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo after a controversial teaching on Instagram

Nigerian Singer, Simi got into a debate with Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo on Instagram after the pastor shared a controversial message on his Instagram page.

While speaking to his members, Pastor Kingsley said women are more emotionally mature than men and from a very young age, women already know what they want, whereas men at the same age are only thinking of football and sex.

Simi tackles Pastor Kingsley

He added that “God put so much sexual passion in men, expecting that women will obey him by doing access denied so that if he wants so much sex, he should marry.”

He then said that women giving men sex freely is the reason why men have refused to get married to them because they can get sex without being married to them.

The problem began when male followers jumped on the comment section and saw Pastor Kingsley’s message as an excuse for their lack of self-control.

One Male follower with the handle @lekanrubber, in his comment, took advantage of Pastor Kingsley’s message to make a case for men who ask women for sexual favours before they do anything for them. Hiding under the cover that the message provided, the follower pushed responsibility for men’s action to the women.

Simi would then jump on Lekanrubber’s comment to correct that delusion and she told Pastor Kingsley that the problem with his preaching is that it causes men to think and act like @lekanrubber.

She told him that he was placing sole responsibility on the women while excusing men’s lack of self-control. She warned that such preaching will make men reluctant to take responsibility or to exercise self control.

And pastor Kingsley replied, saying his message doesn’t demean one sex. In a follow up post, he referred to Simi and other women who were opposed to his post as “freedom fighters” and said he doesn’t have the patience to entertain them so he blocks them.

See the exchange below ;

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