Photos of fish with human mouth and teeth pops up. (Photo)
There are photos of a fish with human mouth and teeth going viral on social media.

A check made by indicates that the name of this fish, in particular, is ‘Pacu’.

Pacu fish according to pet guide, originates from tropical and subtropical South America. Their natural habitat includes river, lakes and flooded forests, and spans from the depth of the Amazon to River Plate basin.

However, despite the fact that their place of origin is South America, several species of Pacu can be found all over the world in the wild.

This is the result of the illegal release of Pacu pet fish into the wild after the owners realize that they have grown too big for their tank.

Now, there’s Pacu in the wild everywhere from the United States to Scandinavia, and in some areas, these aquarium fishes are becoming an invasive species and a threat to the ecosystem.

Below are viral photos of the fish below:

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