Google blocks Huawei phones from Android update

Google has suspended Huawei’s Android license after the Trump administration blacklisted the Chinese phone maker over security concerns.

The move will prevent Huawei devices from receiving key software and security updates, as well as potentially impact their ability to access popular Google apps like Maps and YouTube.

Huawei is one of a number of phone manufacturers who use the Google-developed Android operating systems on its phones and tablets.

Existing customers will be able to update their phones and apps, but will not be able to update to a newer version of the Android operating system if one becomes available. That could leave the company’s phones without key security and feature updates.

This could be a reference to US president Donald Trump’s executive order apparently aimed at banning Huawei’s equipment from US networks and said it was subjecting the Chinese company to strict export controls.

The order – which empowers the US government to ban the technology and services of “foreign adversaries” deemed to pose “unacceptable risks” to national security – did not name specific countries or companies.

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