He Knew His Wife was Cheating So He Arranged a Family Birthday Surprise.

After revealing that his wife was cheating on him, her husband was unsure of how to deal with the situation. It took him a lot to think of the proper way to confront her and have everyone know that his wife was cheating with someone else and sending their marriage to hell. Have a look at the story to see how he dealt with the situation.

So I had the feeling my wife was cheating on me as she showed so many changes.

She was always laughing to text messages, and when I asked, she would say it was just a friend. She would say she had to stay late after work. When I called in her co-workers told me she had left hours ago. When I confronted her, she would laugh about it and explain that it was a joke they do to each other at the office often.

What made me realize something was wrong was one night when she went to ‘buy milk’  at 11:30 and come back at 2 in the morning. I would advise anyone going through my situation to hire a private investigator. They are really good and help you to get evidence in the later divorce.

After some months of having discovered the truth, I confronted her. I know you will ask why did I wait for this much and if it needed to be on her birthday. Firstly, I wanted to collect as much evidence as possible to hand them off to my lawyer and find a new house to live in, etc. And surely it had to be on her birthday.

I asked my wife if she wanted to plan anything special on her birthday, this year. She insisted on me going out of town with my peers because she had to work and had no fun in reminding she was aging.

When I found out about a bottle of champagne and two glasses inside my closet, I then figured out something was going on. So I did what every sensible man would do. I go to my friends’ house as if I am going out of town. Meanwhile, I call her father, mother, sister, and some of her friends. I told all of them that  I want to give her a surprise and sneak into my wife`s room with a big cake with candles.

Sounds fun right?! Well, boy was it.

I told everyone to meet me outside our apartment at 9 am. 8 of us pilled in the elevator. I’m asking everyone to be quiet while her mother is holding the cake. I unlock the door and we all sneak in towards the bedroom, each one carrying a kazoo.

As I throw open the door, we all yell surprise!

The surprise was on us as there was my dear wife staring at us with eyes wide open while getting pounded hard by her lover.

Her mom dropped the cake, her sister started screaming, father began to shout.

I acted like I was horrified while her friends try to push everyone out while yelling at her.

My wife, excuse me, my ex-wife is screaming and sobbing at me how could I while her lover is trying to put his clothes on while running out of there. Needless to say, this was one of the best birthday presents I have ever given.

What would you do if you caught your loved one cheating?

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