Lady in tears after reducing her age to get a job only to discover the company wants someone with her real age.

A Nigerian man identified as Christian C. Ozor on Twitter, has taken to the micro-blogging platform to narrate how a Nigerian lady who is his friend lost a job after reducing her age to get the job only to get disqualified as the company wanted a person with her real age. Christian tweeted; A friend just called me now crying in regret. She reduced her age on her CV and went for a job interview. She was told by the panel that she met all criteria but was too young for the job. She’s 27 but reduced her age to 23. Age was the only thing that disqualified her.

That is that… However in another news, a Nigerian Twitter user identified as Ada Beke, @Goldenrubss, took to the micro-blogging platform to announce that she just got a degree with a certain institute, British Association of Dermatologists. The institution replied to her tweet, telling her they don’t know what she’s talking about because they don’t offer degrees. She tweeted; “Did a dermatology degree with the British Association of Dermatologists.

Results came out this morning and your girl made a first class with honors. Guess who’s an officially certified dermatologist nowwww” However, a Twitter user with the username British Association of Dermatologists replied to her tweet, writing: “Hi Ada, we’re unsure what course you are referring to because we don’t offer degrees. Would you be able to DM us?” Following the reply from the institution, Twitter users quickly began to troll her. She later replied, explaining that there was a mix up. Some believed her but some didn’t. See screenshots below; 

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