Concerned Nigerian asks for justice for his friend who is among 12 soldiers sentenced to death for mutiny

A concerned Nigerian is asking for justice for his friend who is among the 12 soldiers who were sentenced to death for mutiny in 2014.

His friend,  Lance Cpl. Friday Onun was sentencedto death along with 11 others for mutiny and attempted murder after shots were fired at their commanding officer in the north-eastern city of Maiduguri in May 2014.

The soldiers were reportedly angry after a convoy was ambushed on a road frequently targeted by Islamist Boko Haram militants.

Five other soldiers were acquitted and one was convicted on another count. But all denied the charges at a court-martial in Abuja.

According to a BBC report at that time, front-line troops often complain that they lack adequate weapons and equipment. It was also reported that some of them complained about not been paid or properly fed.

Damani Basecapitol, a concerned friend and ex-classmate of Lance Cpl. Friday Onun has taken to his Facebook page to ask for justice on his behalf.

According to him, he believes the government were unfair with their judgment to sentenced them to death. 

Read what he wrote below.

Friday Onu was my classmate in Primary school. We attended same Secondary school (Army Day Onitsha) same barracks. He is in Prison because he was a soldier who fought for restoration of peace in Borno State, Nigeria.

These are people whom the government has been unfair to with their judgment. The 12 soldiers who reacted in anger that they where ambushed by the Boko Haram sect. Because of miss information 2times from their commander which led to the death of 12 soldiers.

The Army said its attempted Mutiny to the order rank soldiers and a penalty of death by firing squad. But to the General it’s just a quick retirement with his entitlement….

They have been in jail since 2015 and our Activist, NGO’s etc are yet to start addressing such to give the last class Nigerians open for better tomorrow. 

Instead #FreeSowore it should be #Free12soldiers



Concerned Nigerian asks for justice for his friend who is among 12 soldiers sentenced to death for mutiny
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