Woman states why “feminism doesn’t really make sense”

A graphics designer has pointed out her problem with feminism and this led to a debate on Twitter.

@funshographix said her problem with feminism is that it focuses on women’s problems but doesn’t focus on men’s problems.

She tweeted: “The whole point of feminism doesn’t really make sense in the real sense because it’s more of women rights than men rights. Meanwhile. The system isn’t fair to men too. So the tag name should be egalitarianism Instead of feminism. We all deserve equal rights not just one gender.”

Woman states why "feminism doesn

Funsho’s tweet got both support and opposition. Those opposing cited the “Black Lives Matter’ movement and pointed out that this doesn’t mean White lives do not matter, instead, it means Blacks are faced with a problem that Whites do not have to deal with – racism.

Read reactions to her tweet below and share your thoughts.

Woman states why "feminism doesn
Woman states why "feminism doesn
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