“2020 I’m ready to give love a chance again” – Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim has said she is ready to give love another chance.

The Ghanaian actress shared a new photo and wrote: 

May my next relationship be my “ I remember praying for this “ Amen. #atoasttolifebook #atoasttolife –

– 2020 I’m ready to give love a chance again.

I have grown Wiser, smarter, emotionally ready, I’m aware of my tolerance level, won’t settle for less than I deserve, I know my worth and definitely understand how to add tax to my worth going forward… – Let’s give love a chance… shall we?  #newbeginnings #2020


"2020 I?m ready to give love a chance again" - Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet has been married once and has a son.

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